Jay is a single dad that was born and raised on the south east side of Chicago. Ever since he was a little kid he had a gift for making people laugh and it always came natural to him as well as communicating with others in a entertaining way. Whether it was with friends or strangers, kids or adults he was never shy and sparking up a conversation or telling a story was just second nature! As a child whenever he went to the barbershop his barber would always ask “what new movies have you seen lately” and during the course of getting a haircut he would vividly explain the complete movie start to finish in the time it takes to get a cut. When his dad picked him up she would always say “he explained the movie so good I feel like I just watched it!”

Although jay went to college for broadcasting and planned on being a radio on air personality unfortunately life got in the way and he was derailed from that dream, but he never lost his gift of humor and vivid storytelling.

Due to a few unexpected and unforeseen circumstances Jay moved to Indianapolis Indiana during the summer of 2003 with his longtime girlfriend. They decided to plant roots in their new location and have a family. In March of 2004 they welcomed a baby boy into their life and they were very happy. Unfortunately the happy times didn’t last and 10 months later they decided to part ways. The mother decided to take her two children she had from a previous relationship and Jay would take care of his son. For the next 7 years that was his life as a single Dad until October 2011.

One night on the way home from work a coworker asked for a ride home and Jay said ok. After dropping off the coworker he proceeded to go home. It was raining while he was at work that night but by the time he was on the way home it was a light drizzle. Normally he used the express way to go home after work but because he gave the coworker a ride he used the city streets Togo home. As he was driving his car hit a pothole filled with water which caused his vehicle to hydroplane out of control and hit a tree on the side of the road. Although he was only traveling about 40 mph the damage was severe and not only was the car totaled but jay was fighting for his life!

Once in the hospital Jay woke up after being unconscious for almost 24 hrs. When he awoke he was told that he had a broken collarbone and his spinal cord was bent which left him paralyzed from the middle of his chest down and was told he would never walk again and that he needed immediate surgery to stabilize his spine so he could sit upright! Due to the severe pain and powerful medications he could barely stay Conscious longer than 15-20 minutes at a time before passing out.

A couple days later He had the surgery and was in even more pain than before! They placed two titanium rods and 8 screws along with some bone grafts directly on his spine!

Eventually after spending two months in the hospital he finally came home and was reunited with his son who always kept him positive and motivated him to do his best!

As most people know, its not easy raising a child especially as a single parent and it’s even more difficult when you’re paralyzed and in a wheelchair but somehow Jay has been able to do just that! His son J.J. Short for Jay Junior has been a bright spot in Jay’s life and has accomplished many things such as being on the honor roll since the time of injury which was 3rd grade and graduating with honors from 8th grade! He’s learned how to swim at a advanced level, play piano, chosen as one of only a handful of students to participate in the NASA SEMA program with his school due to his excellent math & science grades! He’s also a Brown Belt in Jujitsu at the age of 15! He’s now a sophomore in high school and through his schools partnerships with major corporations and their work study program he’s working at the corporate headquarters for Verizon helping to develop their new 5G technology!

Thanks to J.J. And his interest in Youtube is how we all got to this point! It was 2017 and he was watching a ton of YouTube videos and it’s then that he said “Hey Dad you should make YouTube videos you would be great!” Of course I didn’t really take it seriously until he began to explain how great the opportunity could become. But there’s a problem, I’m disabled! He explained that it wouldn’t be a problem and that I could just talk about movies and make jokes like I always do and people would love it! At this point in my life I didn’t think it was that interesting and my dreams of being a radio broadcaster or the next “Siskel & Ebert” were long gone! He then explained that it was easy to start a Youtube Channel and that I should pursue my dreams again using YouTube instead of radio! I decided to do it but I didn’t know where to start.

After looking over many YouTube pages I became discouraged because it was so many channels that looked very nice and also complicated and I didn’t have a computer background and everything I used was analog equipment from the late 90’s to early 2000’s! I kept looking and eventually came across someone that was talking about a show I already watched as a fan and was very familiar with called POWER.

When I saw that this creator had a huge following I decided to watch his videos. When I watched his videos I was amazed at how simple his videos were and especially how BORING he was and yet people LOVED HIM!!! I was blown away! I thought “even I can do this and I know I’m more interesting than him” now this is not a diss on him because he actually gave me confidence that this was something I could do as a complete novice and yet still have success. I decided to make around 10 videos and see how it goes and if people like it I will keep going and try to improve and if no one watches or they don’t enjoy my videos I will stop but at least I gave it a shot.

My first videos were horrible! lol they were dark and long and a big mess but I didn’t know that at the time. Around the 5th - 6th Video people began to watch and what was shocking to me was that THEY LOVED IT!! I thought if they love my videos maybe I should improve my work and my equipment in order to make better videos and maybe more people will enjoy the videos!

As they say in storytelling “The rest is history!” In just over two years my Youtube channel has received 5 Million Views and I have nearly 17 Thousand Subscribers!! Some people have had a channel for Decades and have not come close to those numbers let alone my large subscriber base on other major social media platforms! It’s all very humbling to me and I’m very thankful to everyone that has helped make this possible!!!

In closing I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read this long story about my life and if you made it to this point it’s because of people like yourself that i have been successful and I appreciate your support and thank you from the bottom of my heart! And I hope my videos have brought as much joy in your life as you have brought in my life thanks to your great comments and support! I love each and every one of you May God bless you and your family, and always remember that anything is possible if a Disabled guy like me can do it so can you!😉

Peace & LOVE ❤️